Benefits of Attending & Past Statistics

Benefits of Attending & Past Statistics

Industry Benefits of Supporting ICN 2023

The International Council of Nurses’ 2023 Congress, hosted by the Canadian Nurses Association, will provide the long-awaited opportunity for the world’s nurses to meet in person again, and to showcase your company/organisation.

ICN 2023 is the ideal place to assure visibility for you. The audience attending ICN 2023 will be made up of thousands of nurses from around the globe, as well as health experts from a range of professions, and representatives from international organisations, nursing schools, and governments, all looking to expand their knowledge of your organisation and services.

ICN Attendance over the years

ICN 2021 (Virtual) - 5,617 Participants
ICN 2019 (Singapore) - 5,294 Participants
ICN 2017 (Barcelona) - 8,197 Participants
ICN 2015 (Seoul) - 5,620 Participants
ICN 2013 (Melbourne) - 3,777 Participants

Statistics from ICN 2021 – Online

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