Venue and Location

Venue and Location


Ultramodern and sophisticated, the Palais des Congrès forms the core of an internationally acclaimed architectural design whose centrepiece is abundant natural light. The beauty and attraction of the venue make the Palais more than just a place for receiving guests. With dozens of artworks, impressive sculptures and an iconic glass façade featured in Mark Irving’s list of 1001 buildings you must see before you die, visitors at the Palais  are in for an eyeful. 

Montreal Convention Centre, where ICN Congress 2023 will take place.


There is no city on earth like Montreal. Dynamic and modern, but respectful of its roots, Montreal successfully blends the old with the new. A stroll through the neighbourhood of Old Montreal provides a sense of the European atmosphere of yesteryear. Yet the city is anything but stuck in the past. Not only is it home to a bustling startup scene, it’s also a hotbed of innovation in sectors such as life sciences, artificial intelligence, and video gaming. You’ll notice that spirit of creativity throughout the city, ranging from modern architecture to larger-than-life murals to inventive cuisine

Montreal loves to celebrate

Montreal is without a doubt the liveliest city in Canada and one of the loveliest on the continent. Over the years, the city has become synonymous with dazzling international festivals: jazz, film, comedy, fireworks, fine dining, sports and much more. When visiting for meetings or conventions, most business travellers tack on a few extra days simply to explore festivals and restaurants.  

Montreal has space to breathe

The Canadian city has natural beauty. Set in spectacular surroundings, between a majestic hill called Mount Royal and the mighty St. Lawrence River, Montreal is one of the greenest cities in North America. With a tremendous public transportation system (the metro) and hundreds of kilometres of pathways devoted to bicycles, moving around the city is a breeze.  

Montreal loves to eat

There is a “joie de vivre” (joy of living) that permeates the city and gives it a leisurely atmosphere that charms visitors. Rated by the AAA as North America’s gourmet capital, you can choose between some 4,900 restaurants, bistros, and sidewalk cafés. Additionally, Montreal counts no less than five farmers markets, including the iconic Jean-Talon Market, open year-round. Touring any one of these is a dream come true for any food lover.  

Montreal is safe

Not only is Montreal considered one of the best student cities in the world, it’s also a really safe place to live and to visit. For several years, Montreal has ranked as the safest city in North America. As a global leader in life sciences and health technology, the city prioritizes public health and invests in the wellness of both its citizens and visitors. 

What to do in Montreal

There is never a shortage of activities and events taking place in the city. To find out what is happening while you are in town, consult Tourisme Montreal’s calendar of events. One example is the Montreal International Jazz festival which will be held from 29 June to 8 July 2023. And 1 July is Canada Day!  A national holiday in Canada, it is a time for Canadians to show their pride in their history, culture and achievements.

Why Montreal

Everyone feels at home in Montreal. Historically rooted in a mix of cultures, it is a treasure trove of diversity. Whether you walk it, bike it, use public transit, drive through it or boat alongside it, the city has something for everyone — from the iconic Saint-Laurent boulevard that runs through Chinatown, Little Portugal, Greektown and Little Italy, to the Quartier des Spectacles arts and entertainment district, bustling downtown, buzzing nightlife and numerous attractions. 

Day or night, strolling through the lively streets of Montreal is pure pleasure. What awaits you is a dynamic cultural experience, kilometres of bike paths, tons of “joie de vivre” and the legendary safety of a city you can enjoy with total peace of mind. 

Montreal is a leading knowledge hub and Canada’s research capital, with the renowned McGill University at the heart of the latest innovative, cutting edge education.  

Montreal’s got style! No wonder it is Canada’s fashion capital. Known for the quality of its boutiques and designers, Montreal offers a shopping experience that is truly special. Montréal’s underground city is a 33 km pedestrian network that connects most of the downtown stores and hotelsand the Palais des Congrès too. A must-visit. 

Did you know? A perennial innovator, Montreal is focused on sustaining what makes it unique. The city has been at the forefront of sustainable tourism and its biodiversity initiatives are setting the standard globally. Montreal is the first city in Canada to join the Global Destination Sustainability Index (GDS-Index).   

Canada is a nation of more than a million Indigenous Peoples living in hundreds of First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities and speaking hundreds of dialects. Another 36 million people live in Canada, all of whom came originally from immigrant families. So, Canadians are a diverse, inclusive people from around the globe, multilingual with two official western languages (English and French), culturally diverse and competent, and  used to welcoming the world to their safe, welcoming shores!

A view of Montreal, Canada, where ICN Congress 2023 will take place.

Image Credit: © Loïc Romer – Tourisme Montréal